Physio® Moldable and Blend are physiologic bone tissue allografts manufactured through Stability Biologics’ proprietary patent-pending process. Physio® is comprised of 100% human tissue, with no added extrinsic carrier, thus maximizing the bone forming potential. The physiologic microstructure of Physio® retains growth factors, osteogenic proteins and biologic CaP minerals.


Why Physio?

The microstructure of Physio® affords it with beneficial handling and moldability. Both the Moldable and Blend formats provide flexible clinical options, and the wet field integrity assures both stability and retention of the graft in the surgical field. Safety: Physio® is comprised of donated human tissue that has been screened, recovered and serologically/microbiologically tested at CLIA certified labs in full adherence with FDA, States and AATB requirements. Stability products are manufactured under strict controls and terminally sterilized with a validated sterilization process to ensure all products meet a SAL of 10-6. Stability is FDA registered, AATB accredited and licensed by all applicable states. We maintain the highest standards to ensure all products are of the highest quality, safety and effectiveness.


Product Card

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