Innovasis is getting excited to launch our new SA ALIF.  We will be the first company to launch a Stand-Alone ALIF with Invibio® PEEK-OPTIMA® HA Enhanced.  The implant will be available at the end of Q1*.  Here are some facts about our new SA ALIF:

The Innovasis Ax Stand-Alone ALIF System is an intervertebral body fusion device for use in patients with degenerative disc disease (DDD) at one or two contiguous levels of the lumbar spine (L2-S1). These implants are used to facilitate fusion in the lumbar spine and are placed via an anterior (ALIF) approach.

The implant is radiolucent allowing straightforward assessment of the fusion process, while two tantalum spheres enable implant visualization during the surgical procedure.  The HA PEEK body is joined to a 6 Al 4V ELI titanium faceplate that interfaces with the inserter and holds the fixation screws.

The device is offered in an array of sizes:  three footprints, six height options and four lordosis options.   The implants have a tapered leading edge which aids in implant insertion due to limited anatomical space. They feature a slightly convex profile to match the anatomy and anti-migration surface to ensure implant stability during the fusion process. The large graft cavity provides increased volume for autograft loading.

*Pending FDA clearance.